iTunes Sync v1.0.2

iTunes Sync v1.0.2 | Keeping your BlackBerry® up-to-date with your iTunes library is always a chore. One time you forget to copy a song, the other time you have two copies of the same song, another time you added a song to your library but didn't copy it to your BlackBerry, and so on. Imagine a utility that does all this for you, and that too over your WiFi network, without the hassles of USB cables.
iTunes Sync
Introducing iTuneSync, the best thing since tubeless tires.

This nifty little utility hooks up to your existing iTunes library* and pushes your songs to your BlackBerry® in minutes. The sync process works exactly like an iPod** - songs already in your BlackBerry® won't be replaced or duplicated, and only the songs you select in iTunes for syncing will be synced. Added a new song? Fire up iTuneSync and it will copy the song on to your BlackBerry®! All this and more*** only at the press of a button. Wires-free, hassle-free.

Requires iTunes 6 or above for iTuneSync to work. The latest version is recommended.
*The app needs a desktop client to work. The setup for the desktop client can be downloaded from

**It cannot copy DRM protected music. You need to remove the DRM from your music for it to work.

***Also, it cannot make a sandwich for you. We're working on that.

iTunes Sync v1.0.2

iTunes Sync v1.0.2 BlackBerry

Version: 1.0.2
File Size: 132 KB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher

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BlackBerry World Sync v1.0.2

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